Hello everyone and welcome back to the sixth part of my Minecraft series. Where you get to laugh at my pain and hopefully learn something from it for your Minecrafting adventures!

Last time I left you my companion and myself had started a new life in the swamp biome with a new home and even a rooftop garden! Of course, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows to get to that point but it worked out.

This week was looking a lot more productive. Katycat37 was about to learn animal husbandry and I was about to learn how cool it is to have a boat, and how cool it was to get lost.

Fishing and kittens...

As we started to finally settle down in our new home we decided it would be a good time to stop worrying about caring for our survival and just living leisurely. So, my companion found out how to make a fishing rod and began to fish! These fish that she caught was a great source of food for us but when my Minecraft guru friend told her she could domestic cats with the fish she...freaked!

"OH MY GOD! YOU CAN HAVE CATS!!!111" "They are so cute!!!!"


After that point it was her goal, no, her duty to domestic ALL THE CATS!


As my companion was collecting all the cats, I decided to create a boat and navigate the waterways! Which surrounded the swampy lands. When I did this I felt this kind of invincibility. I used to be terrified of zombies, spiders and skeletons and when I knew they couldn't touch me, I just laughed! The monsters would have the last laugh though. It was dark and I was completely lost. Darn..


This moment reminded me of a good family friend of mine who would always say, "There I was! Waist deep in rice patties with Vietcong all around me!" How this reminded me of a real combat situation I have no idea, but it was apparent that I was screwed. So throughout the whole night I would try to navigate my way back.

Along the way I would find small waterways where skeletons could shoot at me and the thought of being stranded lingered. I was lost. I was terrified and had no idea where I was going.

Then all of a sudden I see light! The game begins to load in the new scenery and then...MY HOME! I was so ecstatic to find my home that I jumped right out of the boat and went straight in to have myself a cooked pork chop. Ah, home sweet home.

Alas, this adventure was coming to an end. My companion and I have moved from place to place, died multiple times and I achieved some of the goals I put in my first blog!

Fear not though! We started a new journey with two new friends which ended up with me traveling days trying to find a dog, beautiful architecture and deep caverns. Check out my companion's stats for this journey!

Stayed tuned for next week and thanks for reading!

(This Journey began as result of BHLGaming.com's Minecraft Month for September. If you would like to meet similar gamers be sure to check out their site. )