Hey everyone,
I would just like to introduce myself as the newest intern here at Evil Controllers. I will be doing a series on Minecraft and being completely new at this very creative and unforgiving game.

Today I will begin to start the arduous journey of creating a new Minecraft world as THIRDSTAGE5150 with my companion katycat37.

During this journey I will NOT use the wiki. The reason why I am not using a wiki is because I am the type of person who likes to figure out how to play a game instead of someone else telling me how to do something.

I feel this gives a sense of accomplishment and increases my skills in critical thinking because I had to figure it out on my own. So think of me as a pre-historic block man.

This game has always made me curious but I have never given it a second thought. A couple of days ago I saw a friend of mine play it and then I just got this craving to build and destroy.

As a side note: I believe that Minecraft is like Legos for adults. Except that Minecraft is also a super cheap alternative to Legos.

I would like to include a list of what I plan on doing for the first part of the game.

-Collect wood and lots of it!
-Build a shelter with that wood.
-Find out how to make tools.

Really reiterate the fourth bullet.

Second part.

-Make armor.
-Make a farm.
-Animal husbandry.
-Make an awesome house!

Third part.

-Create a castle.
-Create traps.
-Go spelunking into the caves!

This is all the most basic of lists for a guy who has never played the game before. I imagine that things will not go as planned, but I intend to learn the hard way!

Look for my future post next week along with screenshots!

Wish katycat37 and me luck!