Hey all welcome back to my seventh and most likely last post along my Minecraft journey! Last week I said that I had started a new world with more friends, but because this may be my last blog post about my Minecraft journey, I decided that it would be better just to rehash some of my favorite moments from the original game.

If you have been following my blog you would know that I had a lofty list of goals at the beginning that I never really achieved because I was either too dumb or too screwed to do them, but let's take a look at some of my finest achievements!

I'm a winner...

My first achievement that I was most proud of in the game was building my first shelter. I know, it doesn't look like much and I used blocks of wood instead of wood planks but you know what. It was my first and it protected me from the great unknown that is Minecraft. The shelter gave my companion and me a sense of security. This was the same kind of security that a blanket gives a kid.

I created a tool! Well I mean I created many tool before this one but the shovel had to be the most confusing creation. Anyhow the feeling I got creating something out of materials that I had collected was gratifying to say the least and now I could collect more materials at a faster pace! It was a vicious circle but I loved it!

From starving Neanderthal to cultivated cat I thought I was pretty hot stuff for creating my own farm. Alas, I had found a use for the hoe and was able to make bread with my own grain. Way too cool!

Animal husbandry! Check it out! I actually crossed out one of my goals that I intended to do. Well...katycat37 did. But I am not jealous! Ok I was jealous but I was still happy for her and her newfound love of being a cat lady. P.S. We had an infestation of those guys in our house. UGH!

Alas, I also screwed up along the way. From my house being blown up to eating zombie flesh. I died and learned a lot.

I get knocked down but I...fall down again...

If being invaded by zombies wasn't enough, my house was blown to smithereens when a creeper decided it would be cool to chase me down to my house while I wasn't looking. Man did I feel dumb.

This moment was just sad. At this point in our journey we decided it would be better for us to leave the jungle and head to a new biome. So, we began the salvaging process of our first house but we decided to leave a little relic behind just in case we ever ran into it again. When we left, to add insult to injury, it began to rain. Darn game.

All good things must come to an end...

I'd just like to thank my girlfriend katycat37 for coming along this journey with me and taking all these screenshots for this blog. I'd also like to thank the fans for reading! I now understand why so many people have been sucked into this blocky world of Minecraft and why they won't come out for hours. It is great fun.

That's all folks!