Hello everyone and welcome back to Part 3 in my Minecraft series! If you haven't had the chance to play Minecraft before then just picture it as: digital Legos.

This second time around I decided that it was time to go underground and find out what the underworld had in store for me. Primarily though I really just needed some other materials to make better tools. (Using seven wooden shovels in one Minecraft day is just way too tedious.)

Before I could go underground though I had to face my starvation and my first enemy: the zombie.


As I pondered how katycat37 and myself would go underground my hunger meter was dangerously low. I knew that I had to eat before we traversed underground. But where would I get my food?

I had found a pig earlier and gave the pork chop to my companion so she would not starve but it was night and there were no pigs. That didn't stop me from leaving the warmth of my dwelling and look for food though.

That was when I heard the moans of a zombie.

I thought to myself that this would be the best time to use my wooden sword. I followed the moans to the zombie, unsheathed my sword and smote the zombie!

But what is this? The zombie dropped rotten flesh. I return to my makeshift house with this creeping thought in my head, "Can I eat the rotten flesh?"

Screw it. I decide to eat the rotten flesh and to my surprise I get sick!

What are all these green bubbles? Am I dying? Apparently not because after a quick 30 seconds the bubbles disappear and my hunger bar is partially filled. Awesome! I can now eat zombie flesh. (It was at this time that I wish I were a Minecraft person, because I wish I could punch trees and eat zombie flesh.)

Now with a belly full of rotten flesh and my first kill under my belt I decide it's time to go underground.

"I think I'm getting the black lung pop...."

As I turn right out of the front door of my house I see that my companion has already started mining underground! I go to her and find that she found a giant cavern. Cool!

Here we find a massive amount of coal, stone, iron and enemies. It seems like we are paying for every block of material with a spider or an arrow to the knee from a skeleton.

When we have a sufficient amount of stone and coal we decide that it is time to get to the surface. We return to our house and begin to make stone tools. Alas! We have better tools. But what do I do with the iron and how do I store things? I need to make a furnace and a chest. But how do I do that?

That's when I refer to my Minecraft guru. "Ok, I give up." I tell him, "How do I make a furnace and a chest." He replies, "Go to the crafting table with wood planks and stone." "Now, go make circles."

"Circles? What? Oh I get it," I say in confusion. He replies, "just do as I say." So I do and I make two chests out of wood planks and a furnace out of the stone. Woo hu!

Now my house was starting to look like a home and I was getting very comfortable in this expansive Minecraft world. Did I mention for a block game the sunsets are incredible?

Check in next week when I encounter my first creeper and leave my home for a new land.

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