Hello everyone and welcome back to my second life that I like to call Minecraft!

Last week I left you with bitter sadness coupled with the unknown frontier that lay before me. But this week, everything was starting to look a whole lot better... kind of.

Off on the wrong foot...

After leaving our dismantled home with sadness in our thoughts we set out to a new land, a land that would be much flatter and hopefully not as dangerous as the last. But before we even got to our destination my companion katycat37 and I were separated. I began to look for her like a mad man but with the sun coming down I knew we had to make a shelter. So I did what any good companion would. I left!

Yes I felt bad! But what was I gonna do! Kill both of us? Stop being selfish!

Anyways, as I left the jungle I came to the swamp biome. This particular land was filled with...nothingness. This biome is completely desolate. Except for the water surrounding it with a few swamp trees it was pretty empty, but it had to do.

Forever alone and a rooftop garden...

As I began to lay the first wooden planks of our new house I knew that night would quickly come so I had to make a rudimentary shelter. Did I? No I didn't. I decided that it would be better to create a two-story house at this time. Except I didn't have enough wood with me to build this house so, I was stuck with a house with no roof and stairs to no-where. That's just great.

It's kind of like when you built something with Legos and you didn't have enough Legos so your battleship looks like a gutted fish. Yeah that was my new beginning. DERP!

As soon as the dawn came my companion was able to travel to our new home and helped me construct it to a real glorious house with a rooftop garden no less!


Ah yes. This was the Minecraft paradise that I have been searching for! A home with a nice ocean front view, two-stories with rooftop garden and a farm to provide sustenance, oh yeah this was it!

But, I committed a sin. I did not know how to make a bed for our house and if you are new to Minecraft then know this: beds act as spawn points. Because I didn't know this and when I died I had to run from my old wreck house in the jungle to our new one in the swamps. So...

I CHECKED THE WIKI! Oh the humanity! I did it! I did what I said I was never going to do. But at least I could spawn in my new house every time I died!

Check in next week when my companion becomes a cat lady and we go boating!

Thanks for reading!

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