gta online new jobsOne of the greatest things about GTA Online is the awesome content creator that allows players to make their own missions and jobs for their friends and other online players to try out. I must admit, it might not be as cool as doing your own heist missions with your mates, but it's a good alternative for the time being.

However, not all of the missions are top notch, and that's where the Rockstar verified system comes in - this system allows players to upvote and downvote custom missions, and if they get enough attention, Rockstar will stick them in with their own official missions.

This week, Rockstar added 10 more missions into the Rockstar verified pool, and they all look like quite a lot of fun. There are a bunch of action packed race missions that take players through train carriages, through the air and over big ramps, and two new deathmatches that offer varying environments to fight in.

If you're craving for some more content, hopefully these 10 new missions should win you over until Rockstar release more content for their online portion of the game.

There are also hundreds of great non-verified missions sitting in the game, ready to be played, although you'll need to set up your own lobby and then invite your own friends or recent players to get the most out of them. Are you still playing GTA Online? If so, what kind of content do you think could keep you more entertained whilst playing? I feel like there's great potential waiting, but Rockstar haven't truly let it flourish just yet.