Watch_Dogs SalesDespite constant complaints about frame rate, resolution and game graphics in Watch_Dogs by the gaming community, Ubisoft's recently released open world title has been incredibly well received by the public.

In fact, Watch_Dogs has been so well received that it has been titled the fastest selling title in all of Ubisoft's history. No other game published or developed by Ubisoft has managed to sell as many copies as Watch_Dogs has within a 24 hour period, which really is quite impressive, considering Ubisoft have been the driving force behind many great franchises, including Assassins’ Creed and Far Cry.

So, I'm sure you're wondering exactly how well Watch_Dogs has sold, and how that compares to other similar titles like Grand Theft Auto V. Ubisoft recently announced that Watch_Dogs has sold more copies in 24 hours than any of their other titles, but details on just how many copies were sold has not yet been revealed.

Grand Theft Auto V managed to sell a staggering 12 million units in just one day, and one of Ubisoft's most sold titles, Assassins' Creed 3 sold just 7 million in one week. So, whilst Watch_Dogs has done Ubisoft proud, it's unlikely it has reached the success of the GTA franchise by a long shot.

Despite GTA still being a whole lot more popular, the idea behind Watch_Dogs was 5 years in the making, and after such a long development cycle, we've been handed a game that has a solid gameplay concept that can deliver hours of open world fun.