Quantum Break 2015]Remedy Entertainment has been working quietly on their upcoming third person FPS title, Quantum Break for quite some time now, but they have finally spoken up to reveal that they plan to release their new game in 2015.

Whilst they didn't announce any plans for E3, Remedy Entertainment did state that they were excited to announce a live demo of gameplay in Gamesom this August. Remedy Entertainment went onto say "Quantum Break will deliver an unprecedented fusion of cinematic gameplay and high-quality, live-action storytelling."

Similar to Defiance, a previously released MMO title, Quantum Break will have a TV series shipped alongside the release of the game, and the fate of the show will be determined by player's actions in the game. Players will also be able to pick up tips and gameplay information for Quantum Break whilst watching the TV series.

This is certainly an interesting merge of two mediums, and whilst Defiance didn't truly define it's capabilities, Quantum Break may have a better chance at proving the potential behind video game TV show crossovers.

So far, a full release date has not been set for Quantum Break, besides the rather indefinite 2015 date, however we may hear more about the release date and other information on the title at this year's Gamescom in August.

For those that didn't know, Quantum Break will be exclusive to the Xbox One, and it will be one of many Xbox One exclusive games that will be backed by a brand new TV series.