no mans sky release
No Man's Sky has finally launched this week and critics are giving it tons of praise. The new game features a procedurally generated universe unlike any other we've seen before. Imagine the scale of Minecraft, which is just a single world, and then put it to a scale that matches the scale of the actual universe.

No Man's Sky features a number of sci-fi based gameplay element. Players are given control of a spaceship and they are given the option to travel the universe to collect resources, upgrade their spaceship and get into combat both in space and on the surface of each and every planet.

No Man's Sky is a multiplayer game in the sense that every player connects to the game online and every player is within the same server. The opportunity to see another player is there, but the chances of this are so ridiculously slim that it may as well not happen. There are so many planets that the chance of finding a player is apparently less than 1%.

Instead of seeing other players, those who play No Man's Sky are more likely to come across happenings changes the universe that have been made by other players. When this happens, the developers have mentioned that players will get a sense of feeling that other players have been there before, which certainly helps to make the universe feel more alive.

Will you be picking up No Man's Sky?