Melee On it Me Duck

Duck is one of the most legendary Smash Bros players the world has ever seen, but sometimes things happen that lead the organizations to say goodbye to some of their best opportunities.

Duck was only on the Melee On it Me team for just two weeks before he got dropped. Whilst we're unsure why things happened so quickly, it seems that Duck may now be looking for new options elsewhere.

So far we only have a very small statement on Twitter to go by. The statement comes straight from Melee On it Me and it reads, "It's the shortest tenure, but we will release @ssbDuck today. We wish him the best of luck. Full announcement later this week."

Whilst it's easy to speculate at this point, it'd be better to wait out for a longer statement so that we can get a proper understanding of the situation. Duck has managed to bag some great results this year so we're shocked to see him dropped from the Melee On it Me team.

So far this year Duck has taken a win at Combo Breaker 2016, but he also got a 5th place at EGLX and nearly all of the events he has taken part in this year has put him in the top 10 spot.

Even though Duck has been dropped from the organization, we'll still get to see him playing at events in the future and we wouldn't be surprised if another org picks up him soon. Duck may have a long way to go before he is considered one of the very best, alongside names like ZeRo and Mang0, but there is a lot of room for improvement in his career.