Rainbow Six Siege Starter Version

In an attempt to attract more players, Ubisoft has released a new version of Rainbow Six Siege with a reduced price tag. The starter version of Rainbow Six Siege will cost new players $15 and will come with a limited selection of content. Despite the reduced price, the game will still allow players to play alongside those who own the full version of the game.

Usually Rainbow Six Siege goes for $50, so this new promotion is an incredible bargain. Unfortunately the new starter version will only be available until June 19. Despite some limitations, the starter version will come with all of the maps, weapons and game modes as the full version.

The big difference comes down to the operators. Operators in Rainbow Six Siege offer a wide range of skill sets and a variety of different operators are often needed to beat the opposing team in different scenarios. In the full version, players are given access to 20 different operators but the starter edition will give players access to just 2. Players will be given a random defending operator that will be picked from a pool including Rook, Mute and Smoke. Either Sledge, Ash or Fuze will be offered at random for the attacking operator.

Starter edition owners will be able to purchase additional operators but each new operator will cost 12,500 renown each instead of a progressive price of 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000.

We do think it's a pretty good deal for those wanting to get in the action for a cheaper price. It's unfortunate the starter version is only available until June 19.