Smite 3.9 Patch Notes

The new 3.9 patch notes for Smite have now been released. The patch includes a rework to Ratatoskr, adds some new God skins and adds a new event called the Viking Invasion. There are also a number of other changes including a range of bug fixes. The Xbox One and PS4 3.9 patch will be released soon. Unfortunately a definite release date has not yet been given.

The Ratatoskr re-work includes changes to the Dash ability - when Ratatoskr uses Dash, he will stop moving immediately after hitting into an enemy god. However, the Dash cooldown is now reduced for each each time the other basic abilities are used on an enemy god.

The Viking Invasion event will also be added in patch 3.9. The new content will cost 900 gems to gain access. Once you've paid the price, you'll get new skins for Chaac and Kali. The Viking Invasion expansion includes a number of quests that can be completed to unlock new content. This content includes extra wards, a pedestal, a loading frame, an announcer pack and additional god skins.

On top of this, Susano, Janus and Scylla will be getting new character specific achievements. Finally, some balance changes have been made to some items. For example, the Soul Eater's health threshold has been reduced from 50 percent to 25 percent and the Mythical Mail now will cost 2700 instead of 2850. Despite the price drop, the protection offered will go up to 40 from the previous 30.