20 more cars forzaI have good news to anybody who's already purchased the Forza 5 Car Pass - Turn 10 and Microsoft have decided to be generous and include two more upcoming DLC car packs into the pass.

This means if you already purchased the Car Pass for Forza 5, you'll be able to get access to the two future DLC packs for free, as well as the previous DLC car packs previously bundled with the Forza 5 Car Pass.

So far, Microsoft and Turn 10 have been releasing car packs every month since Forza 5's launch, but previously they had plans to disclude cars that were released after May, 2014.

These new changes will mean players will get access to June's car pack, as well as July's pack for absolutely free, so long as they have ownership of the Forza 5 Car Pack.

Both the July pack and the June car pack will come with 10 new cars, adding an extra 20 cars to the game via add-on DLC, which totals up to 90 add-on cars since Forza 5's release.

When Forza 5 first came out, any purchased cars had to be unlocked and purchased in-game before they could be driven, but Turn 10 made changes to give players access to the cars for free as soon as they download and install the DLC packs.

It's great to see that Turn 10 and Microsoft are extending the Car Pass for another two months, but I can't help but wonder if they had plans to do this in the first place. Either way, for all you Car Pass owners out there, you've got 20 new free cars to look forward to.