elder scrolls online delayI walked into a local video game retail store earlier this week, and I noticed that they had boxed copies of Elder Scrolls Online for the Xbox One ready for pre-order. I thought this was pretty odd, seeing as development on the game was still well under way, and the release has now been pushed back to late 2014.

Recent news suggests that you should probably not get your hopes up if you do spot a boxed copy of Elder Scrolls Online in-store like I did, because Zenimax Online Studios may have to push back the console release of the MMO game even further.

Creative director for the project, Paul Sage, has stated that their current main goal is to get the console versions of Elder Scrolls Online ready for release at some point this year, but he also mentioned to IGN that he can't promise the game will definitely release at some point this year for consoles.

According to Zenimax, the current delays are due to a series of issues and 'unique problems' specific to the various console platforms.

Hopefully by the time ESO comes to consoles, it will have smoothed out a little, bots will have been removed, and we may even have more changes to the subscription system or price of the game.

As a summary, Elder Scrolls Online was previously planned for a June release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it has since been pushed back to an indefinite 'late 2014' release, but Zenimax may push this back further to early to mid 2015.