Super Bowl Commercials!

At the beginning of each yeah, most everyone is looking forward to keeping their new years resolutions, going to the gym more and THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! This is one of the rare times that many viewers do not prerecord the show and fast forward through all the commercials. In fact many viewers enjoy the commercials just as much as the enjoy the game itself. Each fan has their personal favorite, from the Snickers: Betty White, to the E-Trade: Jealous Girlfriend commercials. CNN released a sneak peek of the upcoming Super Bowl Ads. Their previews include, an add for Teleflora which include the Grammy-winning singer, Faith Hill , an add for careerbuilder featuring chimps, an add for Pepsi, which is featured twice, once for a low-cal Pepsi Max beverage, then again for allowing their customers to create the adds for Doritos, an add for GoDaddy which will be featuring Jillian Michaels who will be accompanying Danica Patrick, and an add for Bridgestone who features a cute little animal. Not only do we anticipate the outcome of the game, but Id say its safe to say that many anticipate the outcome of the commercials between plays.

You can find the CNN article at:

You can also check out last years commercials at the NFL Fanhouse the site breaks up the commercials by first, second, third, and fourth quarter.