Retro Halo Game

Ever wonder what Halo would be like if it had been done for the original Nintendo? Eric Ruth has answered the question by creating a retro 8-Bit Halo: Combat Evolved called Pixel Force Halo. Definitely a cool title to check out if you've been curious about the kinds of design decisions that have to be made when a game gets transformed from 2D to 3D or vice-versa.

Pixel Force Halo is a Contra-like side-scroller that incorporates what makes Halo, Halo, in a way that makes the games feel like it's doing more then just simply creating a game with a Halo skin. The 8-bit versions of the weapons found in the Halo franchise actually work in the same way that they do in it's it's original 3D form.

It's a shame that because the game is using a Microsoft franchise we won't be seeing it on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace, but on the other hand it means we get to play it for free.

Definitely an awesome way to kill an hour.

Check it out here.