Summer is now fully underway, and most gamers have sunk their teeth into whatever they can get their hands on. Here is a quick rundown of observations I have made of the current gaming world. E3 released lots of exciting news and at the forefront for me, is the battle between Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3, and exactly how cool is PS Vita going to be? As graphically appealing as Battlefield 3 looks, I still cant help but shake the feeling that what it boils down to is a preference in gameplay, and Call of Duty has become just too familiar for most gamers to let go of just yet.

My neighbors across the hall have been playing way WAY too much Dirt 3, but Im sure that will end when Forza 4 comes out. If PS Vita was cool enough to make me not feel so bad about skipping out on the Ocarina of Time remake that exploded onto the 3DS. I mean that as a serious game title to compete against, and nothing in PS Vitas lineup looks as impressive as perhaps Street Fighter X Tekken. Call of Duty Vita wont be out for quite sometime, so for now I am going to steer clear of handhelds. The most intriguing thing I can say about the PS Vita is that the graphics are stunning to hold in your hands and the touch pad on the back looks like it will make for a unique gaming experience.

I am simply a high maintenance gamer who loves to find something to criticize. So until something takes my breath away I am going to stick with Black Ops; only one prestige away from Gold Gun! Are you guys interested in picking up either the 3DS or PS Vita in the near future?

-Evil Nick