Studio claims that Battlefield 3 is what FPS Gamers have been asking for.

In a recent interview with Playstation 3 magazine(found here on Gadgets and Gizmos), the head of Digital Illusions CE (DICE) Patrick Bach stated that every first-person shooter fan craves for their upcoming title, Battlefield 3. Bach went on to say it has everything that a FPS shooter should have, including vehicles and destruction.

Something I hear a lot from people who havent actually played Battlefield is that theyd love a modern day, first-person shooter with everything you have in other games, but with vehicles and proper destruction...they say, that would be awesome! In other words, this is the game everyone claims they want…

After making these claims and talking more about Battlefield 3, Bach was asked about the game's rivalry with Modern Warfare 3 from rival Activision. He said that while everyone wants to have some kind of fight and tension between the two companies and their games, he said the word "fight" isn't appropriate for the tension between the two. In a sense, he was stating there is no fight and people are assuming the companies are "competing at the same sport".

Bach stated that Battlefield 3 has many things thataren'tin Modern Warfare and it all boils down to the gamer and their personal taste. He also told PSM3 that EA and Activision arent competing at the same sport.

So what does this mean? In this Ambassador's opinion, I'm thinking EA doesn't want to go into a mudslinging match with their rival, Activision. Which is good. They want to make a decent game and gather a great reputation. Earlier this year EA made some harsh marketing against Activision and Call of Duty with their Bulletstorm campaign (so harsh to the point they made a parody game of Call of Duty called "Duty Calls"). Bulletstorm was a good game but wasn't enough to bring COD down. In the end, EA doesn't want to make rivals. They're here to make a great game and what you choose is up to your personal gaming taste buds.