5 Reasons to Buy a Dualsense Edge Controller

Gamers’ favorite feature of Sony's most recent console, the PlayStation 5, is the DualSense controller. The pad is easy to handle, feels well-made, and adds tactile immersion to your gaming experience with its adjustable triggers and haptic rumbling. The DualSense Edge, which Sony will release early in 2019 in place of the original controller, claims to provide additional buttons and allow for finer customization. The DualSense Edge doesn't stand out from a typical DualSense when viewed from the front, despite having a black touchpad as opposed to a white one like the standard model. Additionally, a lovely white traveling case will be included. Given the outstanding ergonomics of the conventional DualSense, it is evident that the controller will feel very similar in the hand. A "pro" controller similar to Microsoft's Xbox Elite gamepad is the DualSense Edge. These gadgets have high-end features designed with serious and professional players in mind. For instance, the DualSense Edge has many improvements:

Adjustable Triggers

Even you can change the triggers. You may set the trigger height yourself, making it longer or shorter, depending on your preferences. Competitive gamers may find this option to be extremely useful. In fast-paced first-person shooter games, every millisecond matters, so pulling the trigger quicker makes all the difference.

Mappable Buttons

The DualSense Edge's buttons can all be fully mapped, so you may switch out or even turn off specific controls to suit your playing preferences. Two additional buttons are located on the controller's back. You can assign them to any input you choose. Extra back buttons are a common addition to game controllers. Therefore it is fantastic to see them included in the DualSense Edge's design.

Modular Design

The DualSense Edge has a modular design with removable elements, unlike the DualSense controller. Players can switch out the joysticks, caps, and back buttons by opening chambers on the controller. Standard, low, and high-dome stick caps and half-dome and back lever buttons will all be available for the DualSense Edge.

Protective Carrying Case

Due to the modular construction of the DualSense Edge and its high price, a durable carry bag is necessary to keep all your accessories together and to secure your controller whenever you take it outside the house. To ensure that your controller is constantly prepared when you are, you can even charge it while it is in the carrying case via a USB connection.

Braided Cable with Lockable Housing

We can all relate to the feeling when the wires in our charging cable begin to protrude due to excessive use. This shouldn't happen to your DualSense Edge wire, even if it frequently only does if you have seriously neglected your charging cord.


What we can anticipate from a high-end gaming controller is about to change thanks to the DualSense Edge. Although it is pricey, it has the potential to be everyone's ideal controller because it comes with so many accessories and customization choices. Each gamer is unique. Sony has developed a controller that can provide each player exactly what they need to succeed in their game by realizing this and allowing players to alter everything from stick sensitivity to the sticks themselves.