5 RPG Games You Should Not Miss in 2023

RPGs are a popular genre, but there are currently as many games as there are players (don't check the figures). Therefore we've compiled a list of the top RPG titles available for PC. There is something on the list for everyone, whether you enjoy high fantasy, rough-and-tumble cowboys, or large, buff Vikings. Our list of the finest role-playing games is jam-packed to the gills with every character you could want to play, from the newest hotness to tried-and-true classics and underground cult favorites that require a huge patch or a complete separate manual to learn how to play.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring, which just entered, jumped right to the top spot in 2022. With their first shot, FromSoftware outclassed everyone else in the open-world RPG genre. This time, the name of your destroyed world is the Lands Between, and you are a tarnished former resident of the Lands Between who has been summoned back to put the place in order by joined fragments of the titular ring. As is customary, a giant odd monster guards each of these, and there are a tonne of additional bizarre monsters to contend with that are dispersed around the enormously large area. It can be a little intimidating even the first time you start the game, and there are only suggestions about where to look for quest markers. But when you become used to this slightly out-of-the-ordinary or unsettling manner of doing things, you start to recognize the benefits.

Divinity: Original Sin II

Before you forget, jot down the following: "KILL MAGISTER HOLIND." You might be curious as to why. In one of the past ten years' largest and most intricate role-playing games, this unremarkable NPC is a nobody. Like many others, he is a guard, doesn't possess any valuable stuff, and doesn't participate in any of the game's numerous tasks or plot threads. However, you will see that he does one egregious act that the other guards do not if you go to the comment part of his wiki entry. He ends your cat's life.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Third-person action role-playing game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was created by CD Projekt RED and released by CD Projekt. The witcher Geralt of Rivia appears in this game, the third in the series. The game takes place in a made-up fantasy setting inspired by Slavic folklore. The updated version now has added features, objects, and a built-in Photo Mode. The game requires players to travel across a fascinating open world, discover lost ruins, engage in commerce with dwarven blacksmiths and merchants, hunt creatures, and uncover the sinister secrets behind a string of unsolved murders. With over 250 Game of the Year accolades, the game has gained significant critical praise and is approximately 189 hours long.

Disco Elysium

There is no combat in the unconventional role-playing game Disco Elysium. Instead, a dice roll system uses dialogue charts and skill checks to determine events. In the game, a mysterious detective investigates the circumstances around a dead body in a wintry town. Players can construct distinctive characters and explore the city with their skill system to learn the truth. The game's narrative progressively changes from a sad account of a pitiful and tragic protagonist to a moving and poignant tale of betrayal, friendship, and sacrifice. Fans of moody RPGs should purchase it. During the RPG sale on Steam, you can purchase it for 75% less than the usual cost.

Deus Ex

Being around JC Denton is a pleasure. His sufficient blankness makes it seem fair to approach each of his objectives and adventures in the way of your choosing, and his body is a cyber canvas that enables plug-and-play with various gadgets. Deus Ex recognizes that the player is the most crucial peripheral of all and uses him as an outlet to plant various peripherals, as do the best RPGs.