Everything You Should Know About Destiny 2 Lightfall Before Releasing This Month

The newest Destiny 2: Lightfall trailer, which dropped on 1st February from The Geoffries, makes the upcoming Bungie MMOFPS expansion appear fantastic. The neon megacity of Neomuna, Neptune's capital, is extraordinarily beautiful. The new "Strand" abilities of rope darts and grappling hooks look awesome. Always good trailers from Bungie. It doesn't depict any tedious grinds you'll have to endure to play the finest parts, but hey, trailers. The penultimate installment of Destiny's "Light and Darkness epic" will open with Lightfall. Emperor Calus, our best friend and favorite game show presenter, has revealed that he is dead serious about wanting to witness the end of the universe and has fully converted to the Witness. So, with our new "Strand" subclasses in tow, we head to Neptune to repel his new armies. On 28th February 2023, Destiny 2: Lightfall will launch on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store. For an additional £40/€50/$50, or £80/€100/$100, you can purchase the Annual Pass along with the following season.

Improving the Experience of the Players

Bungie announced several new feature updates that will improve the overall new player experience and offer exciting new tools for fostering community and honoring the Guardian spirit. The Guardian Ranks are a new rung on the ladder of experience. The Guardian will commend experienced players who guide new users through content. Players will be able to rate the expertise of their fireteam members in terms of encounter knowledge and other factors. In other words, through assisting other players, gamers develop! The Guardian Commendations and Ranks system aims to not only aid new players in finding groups or other players who are eager to walk with them and teach them the ropes but also to identify genuine, admirable leaders among the Destiny player base.

The Element of Darkness

Bungie developed our Light abilities with the Light 3.0 system in The Witch Queen (which finishes with Arc 3.0's release today). Still, our interactions with the powers of Darkness have been significantly influenced by outside influences. Strand depicts an entirely novel idea: what would the powers of Darkness appear when they were discovered through Light rather than Darkness? A psychic or cosmic web that weaves together the fabric of existence is symbolized by the strand, which also stands for the force of connection between things. We currently have a glimmer of what this new class of talents will be capable of. The Tyrant ability of Titans produces physical claws, launching a whirlwind of close-ranged strikes. It is the Threadrunner rope dart for hunters. Warlocks can use the telekinetic Architect's psychic missiles for greater space magic. On, and each person is given a physical grappling hook!


The showcase hit several notes that the Destiny community has been waiting to hear: a way to identify positive leaders in the industry, expansion into new platforms, improved new player onboarding, an in-game system for finding groups, no expansion sunsetting, and the return of the Legendary campaign. The Bungie team reaffirmed their commitment to retaining the paid-for content while also enhancing the Destiny 2 game engine. This is amazing news on top of everything else for many reasons, but we've already seen a lot of engine bugs and GPU driver issues this year alone that need to be fixed!