mortal kombat evo 2016

Previously it was announced that a Mortal Kombat XL tournament will take place at EVO 2016, but before today the prize pool sat at $60,000. Today, Netherrealm and Warner Bros. have teamed up to offer an additional $50,000 for the prize pool.

Going forward, the EVO 2016 Mortal Kombat XL tournament will now have a $110,000 total prize pool. Neither Netherrealm, EVO or Warner Bros. have announced exactly how the tournament winnings will be split, but the first place winner is definitely going to go home with a considerable chunk of money.

It wasn't long ago that the ESL Pro League Finals paid out big time to SonicFox for taking the winning spot. We can't wait to see how big Mortal Kombat will grow with thanks to the added financial support of the developer and the publisher.

The fighting game community has been lagging behind MOBAs and FPS title when it comes to eSports winnings, but with hundreds of thousands going to Mortal Kombat X alone in 2016 so far, it's clear to see that the gap may be closing slightly.

Not only has the Mortal Kombat XL prize pool increased, but so has the Pokken and Street Fighter V prize pool been upped. Capcom also recently added $50,000 to the total prize pool for EVO 2016 and the Pokemon Company added $10,000 to the Pokken tournament.

There's money to be made everywhere in esports today - will you be watching EVO 2016? If not, will you be trying to make your way up the ranks for a chance at a spot in future events?