gfinity COD tournament

The Call of Duty World League (or CWL) tournament will be taking place again this year with Gfinity as the event organizer. The Gfinity CWL Summer Masters will offer a similar event format to last year, although some changes will be made.

Perhaps the biggest change to this year's event is the prize pool - unfortunately it's not for the better. Whilst the 2015 SWL Summer Masters event boasted a $100,000 prize pool, the event for this year's CWL will sit at $20,000.

Any team can sign up to the online qualifiers - if a team manages to place well in the qualifiers they will have a chance to attend the offline event at the Gfinity Arena in Fulham Broadway between July 1 and July 3.

Unfortunately this event will only be applicable to European teams with players over the age of 18 but we think it's good to see Gfinity are still supporting the Call of Duty scene. The drop in prize pool funding is unfortunate, but we'd expect North American and International events to have much better support later in the year.

Don't be warned, COD eSports isn't dying, although Gfinity's grip on the game may be. "As the CoD World League moves through its second and final stage we are looking to support that process by springing up our first Call of Duty event of the year. We have been away from Call of Duty for a little while, I think a lot of people thought we had turned our back on it, we hadn't. It's all about picking your moments, it's not necessarily doing events for the sake of having and events and getting involved in this land grab that some eSports companies are determined to dominate," Gfinity's Martin Wyatt mentioned.