Street Fighter 5 DLC

Even though the release date for Street Fighter 5 has now been set, the character roster is still mostly a mystery. Capcom has been very quiet about what characters will be in Street Fighter 5 so we have very little information to go on.

What we do know for definite is that Street Fighter 5 will get a base character roster when the game launches and then there will be six more characters released after the launch of the game, which will be available as paid DLC.

We don't know for definite who the six DLC characters may be, but a new alleged leak shows off exactly who could be possible. Whilst this leak looks pretty believable, it should still be taken with a grain of salt.

The first character will be Alex - this is a character that has been in the Street Fighter franchise since Street Fighter 3. Alex was the main character in SF3 but he was not seen in SF4 at all. Guile will possibly be the second DLC character for Street Fighter 5.

Ibuki the ninja may be a third DLC character and she will be making her return after first appearing in Street Fighter 3. Balrog the boxer could hopefully be available as a DLC characters as well - this would be good news for a lot of fans as he has been around since SF2.

Juri was first introduced in Street Fighter 4 as a Taekwondo fighter with a robot eye - she may make an appearance as the fifth DLC character. Finally, Urien, a Greece warrior who uses lightning bolts on his enemies may be the last DLC character.