driveclub private lobbies

Driveclub has been available for a good few months now but despite this there have been a couple of long requested features that have not been in the game for all of that time. One of the most requested features for Driveclub was a private lobby system - with private lobbies, players are able to set up their own races between friends and invited players, instead of being forced to use the game's matchmaking system.

We have good news for you today - Evolution Studios has released a new update for Driveclub and it includes the long wanted private lobby system. Not only do private lobbies give you a better spot to play with or against your friends, but there are plenty of options to make races more customizable. On Evolution Studios' Facebook page, a post was written, explaining that the new private lobbies will allow players to pick between "a wide variety of customizable options and modifiers for things like grid position, penalties, vehicle collisions, drafting, gear changes, camera perspective, and more."

The new update includes some other features on top of the private lobby system. Firstly, Evolution Studios has upped the club level cap to 55 from 50. The ELITE Driver levels have also gone to 80 from 76. Finally, a braking assist has been added to help novice drivers learn the braking for tracks easier.

These are the only main changes to the latest Driveclub update, but along with it Evolution Studios did mention that new content and new vehicles will be added in the future.