French Press Kit for a Halo Novel Mentions a Halo Movie in 2012

Reported on Kotaku, a French press kit for an upcoming Halo novel called Cryptum mentions that there is a Halo movie involving Steven Spielberg and will debut in 2012. Found here on this French press handout (if you can ready French), all the details of the Halo movie are mentioned as well as involvement of Dreamworks studios, which is headed by Steven Spielberg.

Now, this isn't the first time a Halo Reach movie and Steven Spielberg have been mentioned in the media. Kotaku reported on the subject back in 2009, and thenmentioned again it in 2010. That kind of removes some doubt about the movie being false and/or another rumor.

However, parts of me still have some doubt. If Hollywood was to make a video game movie of this magnitude, it would nearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep it silent from the masses. We would have heard months ago about Steven Spielberg flying to a remote part of New Zealand to capture footage by now.

Maybe this just false information or maybe whoever makes press releases for this Halo novel is using rumors to grab attention. I mean when you put it logically, it's way too close to 2012 and Spielberg hasn't made any solid mentions of it in his future projects.

We will just have to wait and see what happens.