Controversy Over Similar Looking Logos Is Now Taken to Court

Electronic Arts, the video games publisher, is taking the fitness supplies company Energy Armor to court. The reason why? It's due to how Energy Armor's logo looks very similar to Electronic Arts' logo and also because their company advertises its products by using athletes (like Electronic Art's does with Madden and FIFA).

While I do believe the secondary reason for the court action lawsuit is absolutely ridiculous and should be thrown out (because if that was held true, Electronic Arts could sue about every company on the planet), they do have a case with the logo. As it does look very closely designed to mimic Electronic Arts' logo.

However, Electronic Arts is asking for a hefty compensation if they win in court. First, they want Energy Armor it have the logo barred, then have anything with that logo on it be destroyed (costing the company every product they sell), and then finally, Electronic Arts wants financial compensation for damages caused by Energy Armor as well as "all profits generated by Energy Armor for using the logo". That's a pretty hefty load Electronic Arts is putting on Energy Armor.

While I do shake my head at Energy Armor for using a verysimilarlooking logo, I don't think Electronic Arts should destroy the company's profits and business. I'd think a simple cease and desist and "all future products should have a different logo" action would be more appropriate. You can read more about the court case here.