Nintendo has just revealed alot of information on their new console the Wii U, but they have also revealed a new way to play on their console. While it isn't a real 'new way' to play it's definitely a new direction for the Wii. With the Wii U being in a prime spot to receive ports of 360 and PS3 games there hasn't really been a comfortable way to play hardcore games like Call of Duty or other beloved shooters. Thus Nintendo is releasing their Pro controller that looks very similar to an Xbox controller.

With this controller you can expect Evil will be there to modify them if that's something our fans would like. The new controller has swapped the positions of the 360's ABXY buttons with their right thumbstick.

Is this a design that hardcore gamers will appreciate? Or is it simply too late for Nintendo to appease their hardcore fan base? With more information on the way it'll be interesting to see what controller developers prefer most. For those gamers that love their wii-motes those will still be compatible on the Wii U as well. So definitely let us know if you would like to see modded controllers for the Wii U.