Gaming Controllers, Which Console Design is #1?

No doubt over the years we have seen companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as the frontrunners in gaming, change their controllers or make new ones to help feed this era of technology driven individuals. After stumbling upon an article about which controller is the best, it came down to the Xbox 360 controller and the PS3 controller.

Over many years of trying to remodel their controllers, I do sincerely agree that the Xbox 360 and the PS3 controllers are the best that the market has to offer as of late. Which one is better, is only going to be a matter of preference. However, we have a new wave of controllers being launched onto the market. Let's take the Playstation Move and the Kinect for example, while they are revolutionary controllers to say the least, I have yet to see the real draw to them. I have played many games using the Kinect, not that there are a ton out there. None of them seem to really put the Kinect to the test. That being said, I think the article I was reading brought up an interesting point, "Are hardware manufacturers thinking ahead of software developers?" I definitely think this is the case, especially with the Wii U upon the horizon. Are there going to be games that really challenge it? Or are we just going to be turning back to the regular old handhelds because it's easier?

Regardless, Evil will always be there updating and improving the stock designs to modify and improve the controllers with Evil Imaging, pro-series options, mods and more!