Video Game News:
Civilization Music Composer awarded
Music's Highest Honor.

It's a first in video game history, never in its history has any part of video game's music industry won a Grammy. Christopher Tin who done recent work for Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, the Civilization series and various other video games, has beaten out other Grammy Nominees in the Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists category. Christopher won the award for his piece "Baba Yetu" which he wrote for Civilization IV back in 2005. Sure it was composed six years ago and is now later nominated and won for the 2011 Grammy's but hey, the video game industry will take what it will get.

This could probably open up the Grammy's to break loose of the mold that encloses the music industry and show them that music is beyond CDs, MP3s, concerts, and orchestras. Video Games is a new media that the Grammy's have yet to explore and should keep an open mind towards it. With the success of Video Games Live! and SquareEnix's orchestra tour called "Dear Friends", the video game's own take on music is slowly being accepted into the mainstream society. This Grammy win is just another step towards greater things.

You may read more about it: here.