I was happy enough to be invited to a release party for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on Valentines hosted by the nice people who organize the annual Devastation tournament, which, in my opinion, was certainly better than some lame date with some guy I barely know that felt obligated to have a Valentine. Although it was over an hour of a trek, another Evil coworker and I gladly drove out, Evil D-pads and swag in arms to give away to attendees.

The party was at the Best Buy out in Surprise, AZ, and probably housed over 50 excited gamers in attendance. Both Evil Controllers and Monster attended the event and handed out goodies (apparently Monster drinks now come in turbo form with even more energy boosting capabilities….oy vey). People from all sorts of backgrounds attended, young, old, mid life crisis range, to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hours before the official release, using both our Evil D-Pad controllers or joystick pads provided by Devastation.

Im not a huge gamer, Ill just say that. I never graduated past PS2 until a few weeks ago when I finally bought myself an Xbox, and still, the only game on 360 that Ive mastered thus far is Plants vs. Zombies. I hadnt played a fighting game since Mortal Kombat on SNES when I was five. That said, I had so much fun playing that game that Im pretty sure Ill be buying it myself. Gamers there were friendly enough to teach me how to do combos instead of letting me rely on the standard button mashing, and by the end of the night, I was at least putting up a solid fight (but no, no wins) against gamers that clearly were experienced enough with Marvel vs. Capcom to dedicate their Valentines night to it for free. My personal favorites? Amaterasu (partly because shes adorable, partly because I found her fighting skills amazing), Dante, and Dormammu, because I tend to side with non-human characters and gigantic pillars of badass. Occasionally I'd play as Felicia or Phoenix too. Id put a gameplay video of myself playing if it wouldnt be the road to embarrassment and comments after comments calling me a N00B (is that how its spelled?). It was especially awkward when they decided Evil Controllers should compete against players for giveaways--I'll just say people won a lot of t-shirts by playing me.

My team for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 success:

Anyways, point is, the party was a blastthey even had a giant cake shaped like the hulk I ended up getting to take back to the office since no one had utensils to eat it at the party. The game is fantastic, and Im definitely planning on getting it myself so that maybe I wont be as bad next time. Go out and purchase Marvel vs. Capcom 3, whether youre an FPS, RPG, or fighting kind of gamerI promise it wont disappoint.