The AbleGamers Foundation is raising money for their organization through a Kickstarter like website, called WeDidIt for charity.

Their project, which has a goal of $5,000 will aid in the foundation of permanent gaming installations and spreading awareness of disabilities and gamers. They recently opened a permanent disabled "accessibility arcade" at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington D.C.

Their prizes for donating a certain amount of money include: Starcraft 2 Collector's Edition signed by the development team and a Starcraft 2 bumper sticker for $275 and even a lunch with EA founder Trip Hawkins if you donate $2,500.

One reward was also added recently in lieu of the Zynga layoffs. The Mary Margaret Networks will create a full resume rewrite to highlight the strengths of the person for a donation of $249 or more.

"The gaming community is much larger than we think," said Mark Barlet the President of the AbleGamers Foundation in their WeDidIt video, "We need your help."

Check out their page below!