COD Elite Info

Back in 2011, Call of Duty Elite was exposed to the world. To some it was an expensive package with pointless gimmicks, but to others it meant more content for their games and more tools to make the most out of their gameplay.

For $50 a year, premium Elite members could get access to extra features such as clan leveling and early access to DLC which of course was downloadable for free after the subscription fee.

And now only a year after its release, Activision have decided to shut down the premium features of Elite and open it up for free to everyone that purchases a copy of Black Ops 2.

You'll be able to track detailed player stats and clan stats just like the previous version, but you'll also be able to track stats within the new Zombie mode, and access some of Elite's major features on tablets and smartphones.

If you were a Call of Duty player that paid for an Elite subscription to get early downloadable content and at a cheaper price, you'll be happy to know that information about a season pass specifically for Blops 2 has been spread around the internet.

The first info was released from, but was strangely removed, but luckily for us everyone had already screenshot the crap out of the web page.

Although these details are very much subject to change, the COD website stated that for $49.99 the season pass will give us access to 4 DLC packs at their release for free, which may include new multiplayer and zombie content. The post also said that the four DLC content packages will be available on their release for $14.99 each. If these prices are to stay, then for those that can't do their math, the season pass will save you approximately $10.

Black Ops 2 will be released on November 18th!

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