Playing computer / video games help stroke victims in recovery.

Medical scientists have discovered that video games can help in the recovery of a patient from paralysis after suffering from a stroke. From the information found here, it states from an article published in the Journal of Neuro Engineering and Rehabilitation, computer simulations and techniques used mainly in the film industry can help produce computer-generation actions. These actions can help restore lost functions in an impaired arm caused by the stroke.

They added that current training medical programs that focus on regaining hand and arm movements use both robotic training aids and computer / video games, in result the techniques address both issues simultaneously. While they aren't using fast paced action games like Call of Duty but normal games like Plasma Pong, the simulations are helping restore precision grip and individual finger motion.

Patients in the program experience 2 - 3 hours of training over eight days resulted in high improvement and have had better stability of their damaged limbs with smoother and more efficient movement. A deeper look into the study shows that controlled and quicker finger movements were more highly noticed. The only downside to this program is that motor skills of an injured arm/hand (not fully effected by the stroke) showed no improvement at all.

"Patients who played these games showed an average improvement in their standard clinical scores of 20-22% over the eight days...these results show that computer games could be an important tool in the recovery of paralyzed limbs after a stroke." This wasstated by the project leader, Alma Merians.

So in the end it seems that video games can help out in the medical field. Working a medical clinic previously in my life, I am glad to see more rational yet progressive ideas in the field of medicine, especially in helping in the recovery of anyone who suffered from a stroke.