Game vs Trailer

As most people know the past few weeks have been the NBA playoffs. Many teams
have come and gone and we have loved watched every second of it. Now for those of us who
enjoy playing games as opposed to watching them, Monday night gave us a chance to come
together and watch the Mavericks play Oklahoma City. Why you ask? It was in order to see the
unleaked Modern Warfare 3 trailer of course.

People had to watch the basketball game to wait and see what all of us gamers had been
waiting for. While this may have been done for money reasons, so more people would tune into
the basketball game. It sure gave a huge turnout, because basketball fan or not, if you wanted to
see it you had to watch. Now I watched the basketball game and even though I was enjoying it
I was still waiting for it to come on. This trailer did not come during the first two quarters, nor
did it come during half time. It came almost towards the very end of the game, during the fourth
quarter. Who knows why they waited as long as they did to show it, but the wait only made it
that much better. As soon as the commercial aired everyone breathed a sigh off relief Im sure.
The wait is over, and not only that, the commercial was awesome; all the different maps they
showed and the story looked straight beast. The music only made it that much better as well.
The intense beat of the music seemed to match my almost non-existent heart beat. The only
words I can say to describe this trailer was, awesome.