Looks like gamers have been awfully trigger-happy when it comes to Black Ops. Activision recently released statistics on Black Ops players and their ways of life, which basically sum up the fact that they like to shoot and they like to shoot a lot.

Lets remember Black Ops only came out in November. Since then, according to Activision, all players combined have killed 9 times the worlds population and have shot over 1 trillion shots.

Furthermore, over 147 billion COD points have been earned, approximately 2 billion planes and cars combined have been exploded, and, most interestingly, vindictive players have returned fire with over 10 billion paybacks.

Also, the top 3 guns used are the Famas, AK74u, and Galil, with the top ten perks being Marathon, Sleight of Hand, and Lightweight. Heres a nifty photo of the infographic from IGN, which you can click to enlarge to make it easier to read: