Personal blogger story of Red Ring

Over winter break I went out of town for about two weeks, and while I was gone I figured that would be the perfect time for maintenance to come in and work on a few things around my apartment. When I returned home I was shocked to see my Xbox completely unplugged and knocked over on its side. At first I just blew it off, and plugged everything back in, didn't thinking twice about it, I turned my Xbox on only to find out it had red ringed! I was furious!

Such a terrible welcome home present! But luckily the company who is in charge of maintenance was more than willing to replace the damaged item, and on top of that I got an upgrade from the 120 gb elite, to the 250 gb slim! So now that my Xbox is up and running to perfection once again my roommate and I stayed up past 2:00 AM playing Zombies on Black Ops. We were both beat from defending ourselves from thousands of human eating creatures, and we decided to turn on Netflix and watch a few episodes of our newest anime addiction! While 3:00 AM rolled around I knew I was going to pass out! But I didnt want to turn off my TV just yet; I was still in the middle of episode 5! So instead I simply put my TV on sleep mode for 60 minutes. Problem solved, right?! It only seems that way until I woke up the next morning to realize that, yes, my TV turned off from the sleep mode, however, my Xbox stayed on!

With my recent experience of having my first encounter with red ring, I am so paranoid about it happening again, and leaving my Xbox on over night is probably not the best cure for the problem. So it got me thinking, if my TV can be told when to turn off, why cant Microsoft come up with a way to make a sleep timer for my Xbox?! I am sure I am not the only gamer who has fallen asleep playing video games or watching a movie to discover that my Xbox was still on the morning after, and hopefully few of us experience red rings from the small mistakes. But a sleep timer for my Xbox would solve all problems and I would be able to sleep a lot better at night knowing that my TV and Xbox will turn themselves off automatically.