destiny legendary itemSome players are excited, some are frustrated, but the truth is, Bungie have tried to give something back to the community as a 'thank you' for the continued support the large majority of Destiny players have given to the game since it's launch.

This 'thank you' is in the form of a legendary weapon - every player can now hop into game, no matter what version of the game you are playing, and go speak to the postmaster to pick up a free legendary.

Whilst legendaries have proven to be pretty hard to get in the game, this is the first time Bungie have given players such easy access to a legendary weapon, and it's just any old legendary weapon either.

The item from the postmaster will reward players with a ticket that will be randomly converted into any legendary item in the game. Legendaries aren't as rare as exotic, but it still takes a lot of farming, or a lot of luck to land upon your first legendary item, so some players are frustrated that Bungie have handed out something of such rarity for free.

However, it looks as if there may be a certain limit to what weapons are rewarded from the ticket, so don't fret too much, chances are your current legendary gear will remain as rare as it always has been.

Do you think it was a good move for Bungie to give out a free legendary weapon to every player, or do you think players should have been rewarded with something a little less special instead?