ps vita classicsIn a strange turn of events, PS Vita owners went from feeling pleasantly surprised to disheartened and disappointed, all in a matter of a day.

Last week, without any words from Sony themselves, every single PlayStation Classic and PSP game were put onto the PlayStation Network, available for download onto the PS Vita. It was a strange move, and the change was originally noticed by members on NeoGAF.

Games like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot 2 were made available through this event, and many PS Vita owners managed to bag quite a few titles whilst they were available on the PSN store.

However, shortly after their appearance on the PSN store, all of the PlayStation Classic and PSP games were removed, again without a word from Sony. If you managed to download any games, good news is that you'll be able to keep them, but for those that missed out on the event, you may never get a chance to see these ports again.

This whole fiasco did show us that it's completely possible for Sony to port over these games, but for some reason they seem to have held back thus far with releasing them. Perhaps there could be issues related to licensing that could be preventing Sony from releasing the titles to the PS Vita, and therefore these games might never officially make it to the PlayStation Network. Hopefully Sony will make some kind of statement this week to clear things up.