all titanfall weapons

The Titanfall beta was great fun - it captured the fast paced adrenaline fueled environment of Call of Duty and banked on it by including jetpacks, parkour, and crazy giant mechs. And, despite previous concerns, the AI in the game work really well, too.

A lot of the people I've spoken to that have also experienced the Titanfall beta have stated that they really enjoyed the game too, but there was one thing that didn't come up in our conversations.

What I'm talking about is replay value - in the beta, there were just two levels, and two standard Titans. Players could only level up to rank 14, and there was a very limited weapon customization system. I was worried that Titanfall could get boring really quickly, and without any idea of what content the game could offer, I can't be the only one that has wondered whether Titanfall would be worth buying at launch.

Luckily, a lot of information has leaked, and we can get a great idea of what content we can expect. Firstly, as previously rumored, there will likely be 14 different maps at launch; a massive jump up from just the two in the beta.

There have also been picture leaks of a few more primary and secondary weapons. The roster isn't huge, but on top of the five beta primaries, and two beta secondaries, there will be a C.A.R SMG, two new rifles; the G2A4 Rifle & Hemlock BF-R, a more powerful sniper, and the Spitfire LMG. There will also be a revolver-like sidearm.