mortal kombat next gen

Kiether Sutherland, the man behind 24's Jack Bauer, and the English voice actor for Big Boss in Hideo Kojima's upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5, (both the Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes) has apparently been doing some voice work for an upcoming Mortal Kombat game.

In an interview with IGN, Sutherland revealed that he had done a bit of additional voice acting work besides MGSV, and decided to mention that he had been involved with voice acting for a Mortal Kombat game.

Sutherland said "I did Mortal Kombat, and that's such a huge game, but it's so not like Metal Gear Solid 5." We've not yet seen Sutherland's acting in any released Mortal Kombat game, so although it's not 100% confirmed, it sounds as if NetherRealm Studios has got another MK game in the works.

Creative director for the Mortal Kombat series, Ed Boon, did confirm at one point in 2012 that the next title in the franchise would most likely be available for next gen consoles, so perhaps we can expect a new fighting game from NetherRealm over the next year or two.

Before you jump at the idea of the possibility of Snake being in Mortal Kombat, it's important to note that Kiefer Sutherland stated he worked with NetherRealm before being hired for MGSV, so it's unfortunately unlikely that we'd see any MGSV/Mortal Kombat crossover.

Maybe we'll get really, really lucky, but at this point in time I expect Sutherland will instead be playing a separate, new character related to the Mortal Kombat series.