All You Need to Know About the Sony Spartacus

PlayStation fans have been over the moon since the new Project Spartacus launch arrived. We all knew it would happen since Microsoft dropped the Xbox Game Pass. So, what is the long-awaited Sony Spartacus Project?

Sony Spartacus directly competes with the Xbox Game Pass, giving all PlayStation users the same experience. There are so many unknown facts about the upcoming Spartacus Project, and this article covers all of them.

What is Sony Spartacus?

Sony Spartacus is a monthly subscription service that allows you to access games available through the PlayStation 4 and 5. Not only that, Spartacus members will be able to download a variety of games. If you have a PS Plus membership, Project Spartacus may expand the membership service.

Will Sony Spartacus Be Backward Compatible?

The PS5 is already backward compatible. We can assume that Sony Spartacus will also be backward compatible to get access to PS4 games and games from earlier consoles that have been remastered.

Will Sony Spartacus Offer Exclusive Games?

Sony has planned to launch various live service games by 2026. We can assume that Sony might develop an exclusive membership offering games to encourage users to buy the service.

What Will the Sony Spartacus Cost?

There has been news circulating regarding the upgrade of Sony and PlayStation subscriptions for many days. So far, we know that Sony is introducing subscription tiers. There are three basic subscription tiers:

  1. PlayStation Spartacus Tier 3 will be a premium membership offering monthly games, a collection of game trials and classic games, a gaming catalog, and cloud streaming at $16.
  2. PlayStation Spartacus Tier 2 will be an extra PS membership with monthly games and PlayStation's downloadable gaming catalog at $13.
  3. PlayStation Spartacus Tier 1 will be a basic membership offering monthly games at $10.

When Will Sony Spartacus Be Launched?

According to the recent news, we can expect Sony Spartacus to launch in 2022. We hope that Sony Spartacus is worth the money whenever it is released.

Also, it will be better for Sony to release Spartacus soon because Xbox is now getting a hold of the Japanese gaming market. Xbox Game Pass is too impressive to resist, and Sony might have to develop a better membership option. However, with Sony Spartacus, you will play games available on the latest PlayStation consoles.

Regarding the pricing, will Sony Spartacus users be able to buy a PS Plus membership separately? Whatever the answer is, the price has to be market-competitive. No matter what, PlayStation users are waiting for Spartacus to see if it's worth the hype or not.

With that said, PlayStation is always neck-to-neck in competition with Xbox in terms of quality, specifications, gameplay, proprietary games, consoles, and much more. As we conclude this article, we eagerly await the launch of the Spartacus and want to see how it fares against its competitors, particularly Xbox Game Pass.