The Complete Horizon Forbidden West Review

Just after the fantastic admiration of Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerilla Games launched Horizon Forbidden West in the gaming world. Horizon Forbidden West is a more accomplished action-packed game with bold innovations than its forerunner. Having quite an interesting, impressive story, Horizon Forbidden West might be an early runner in the race of games in 2022. But is this game for everyone?

Well, if you are already a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn games, then Horizon Forbidden West might be a good update on your PS4. But if you didn’t find the previous game attractive, this one is most likely not for you as both of the games are like two flip sides of a coin.

Just after six months, the story came into the eyes of the gaming world. Horizon Zero Dawn has proved to be an elevator for the Guerilla games studio with previous success in PlayStation platforms. Moreover, Horizon Forbidden west is more beautiful on PlayStation 5.

In addition, Guerilla Games has created a female character that has become an interesting part of the game. While in the beginning, Aloy starts her journey as a refugee in the first game, which later turns her into a knight, protecting humankind till the apex. She is a loved character now and a hero of the game. However, Aloy is already aware that her planet is in danger with the evil AI establishments where she is fighting for humanity in her last adventurous journey. The war is taking fire in the future world where people have returned to tribal life even though the leftover technologies surround them.

As in Horizon Zero Dawn, the struggle of Aloy was seen immensely, from being a Nora tribe exile to the protagonist of the world. Forbidden west exposes the weight of her success. Intending to find a solution to the Blight and red plague spreading through the wildlife and greenery, she turned to California. Aloy still seems a stranger in this new world despite all the struggles. Although she has good friends with her from the first game but with such huge mission distances, she is away from her friends and fighting alone to get a solution for the Blight sweeping in the lands and the running politics and quarrels that are completely different from her.

Overall it's the best-looking game with the Rocky Mountains, wild desserts, great jungles, deep blue oceans, and ruined cities. However, the game has not a peaceful world, but the horizon mechanical creatures are putting an exciting impression on the world. The animation of Aloy’s character is the same in Horizon Forbidden West. Many players were concerned that the animation was similar to the previous installment. Still, a majority of the audience came into the defense of Horizon forbidden rather than criticizing Guerrilla. You will be surprised by the negative comments, but horizon Forbidden is the new crazy ride for PS4 and PS5 players in 2022.