All You Need to Know About Ubisoft Quartz

NFTs have very much taken the world by storm, with multiple people buying into the new digital trend. And while most NFTs have revolved around art, celebrities, and anime, Ubisoft made history as the first company to introduce NFTs to a AAA game. With their new service Quartz, players will buy playable NFTs, which they can even use in-game.

The main pitch for the service, released on December 9, 2021, is that players can buy Playable NFTs, which will bring a new experience to their existing lineup of games. These NFTs would essentially take on the form of customization items, which players could wear in-game with other players. And similar to all other types of tokens available in the market, each one will have a limited-time run. After a set date, the company will no longer produce those NFTs.

Furthermore, each of the tokens you buy will also come with a serial number unique to the player. Once players buy these tokens, they can permanently add them to their collection and wear them in-game. The company calls them Digits, and they will eventually bring different collectibles to their different games, with the most recent one being Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Each Digit Has a History

A small feature that Ubisoft has added with its Digits is tracking your history. After you buy a Digit, you will be able to add your name as one of its owners. So even when you sell your NFT on the market, your name will show up in the card’s history of owners. While a relatively small touch, it is still a great inclusion, allowing players to be part of its original history.

Using the feature, people will also be able to check the previous owners of the NFT or how many there have been throughout its history.

More Environmentally Friendly Tokens

Another major selling point of these tokens is that they are very environmentally friendly. Each Digit and the history of its owners go on the Tezos blockchain, which is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with environmentally friendly technology. Ubisoft understands its responsibilities towards making a more sustainable future while still offering incredible utility to its customers. Therefore, it is offering top-tier technological progress while staying true to its vision of green earth.

How It Changes the Game

Ubisoft Quartz manages to change your gaming experience significantly in a few ways. For one, these customizable items look very good when you’re out playing the game, with each coming with a unique serial number showing people that it is yours. You will also have full control of the NFT, allowing you to sell it at any time and buy another one. Your name will always live on the item’s history as an owner, allowing you to check it at any time.