The Beginner's Guide to Elden Ring

Are you starting in Elden Ring? Well, it is normal to be clueless about the game. It is considered quite dense and challenging! The hidden secrets, dangers, and surprises of the highly acclaimed game can confuse you, which is why you need expert guidance to excel in this game. This article has been compiled to help you get started in Elden Ring.

Be Careful with Your First Decisions

When you begin playing Elden Ring, you will have to make the most important decision of the game: choosing your class. There are ten classes with different stats, gears, and levels that can be overwhelming for new players, so you need to be careful. Remember, vigor and endurance are great stats to determine your health and stamina. Vagabond is a great beginner class for focused players having good stats and starting gear.

Choosing a good class will help you big time in the game. But you can always build as you play and get better at the game on any level. If you think that your chosen class isn’t for you, you can reset and reallocate your stats anytime - that too without having to restart your game.

You will also have to pick one of the nine Keepsakes. For beginners, the best pick is always the Golden Seed. It is a health potion and can make a great difference at crucial times.

Stay Focused Until You Meet Melina

Once you have made your choices, the game will be open to you. It is a massive landscape to explore. Hence, you might get a bit off track and start wandering here and there. Your goal should be to start right away and stay focused on your path until you meet Melina. She will give you Torrent, a trusty steed, and help level up. Therefore, avoid wandering not to die inevitably. The faster you meet Melina, the better it is.

Create a Collection

Elden Ring is a dense game. To build things around you, you will have to collect different things such as plants, bones, meat, and flowers. Pro tip: if you find glowing skulls on the land while wandering, burst them with Torrent to find an item such as runes.

Become a Warrior

Elden Ring is an action-adventure game. So, you must build your character, collect weapons, and work on your skills. To combat the antagonist, you must learn new combat techniques, such as blocking counters and trying different types of jumping and fighting.

A good jump can give you an edge in this game. It is the best way to reduce the antagonist's invisible poise meters. Jumping attacks are just great! Starting with Elden Ring, learn how to become a great jumper! Block counters will not be important if you play a class using metal shields to protect.

Stealth is Your Friend

Make sure to develop stealth, as it will help you survive in a harsh environment and make it harder for the enemy to spot you. It is quite a useless power while fighting with the boss, but it can help explore the landscape and escape ugly dungeons.

We conclude our comprehensive guide to Elden Ring and hope that the abovementioned tips will always help you while playing Elden Ring. Remember, you can always explore the landscape while building your character and upgrading your gears.