Amazon May Launch Game Streaming Service

While Google is flubbing the launch of its Stadia game streaming service, a surprising competitor may be ready to jump into the fray, with Amazon reportedly set to launch a service next year.

The company is reportedly set to announce the service sometime early next year, and it’s believed that it would be ready in time to compete with the launch of both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett. Details on just what the product would entail aren’t known yet, but it’s likely that the service would include integration with Twitch, whom Amazon owns. Twitch is the dominant streaming platform for games, easily eclipsing Microsoft’s Mixer and YouTube in terms of viewers.

Amazon has a solid backbone for internet services, as their web servers power a good chunk of the internet’s traffic. Because of this, it’s likely that Amazon wouldn’t run into issues deploying the game to large numbers of players at the same time.

Whether there’s a service that resembles something like GamePass, or it follows the likes of Stadia where full games have to be purchased individually is unknown, but it’s possible that Amazon has the clout to pull off a combination of the two.

Streaming services appear to be the eventual future of gaming, as internet speeds around the world continue to go up. Latency is a major concern, but services like Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud seem to have found solutions.

We’re on top of this story and will let you know when we learn more about the rumored service.