Bold statement, but certainly an interesting notion. This past weekend, Rovio (the makers of games like the crazily popular Angry Birds) CEO Peter Vesterbacka went so far as to announce his belief that console games are dying and will soon become extinct in the modern world of gaming.

Vesterbacka made this declaration at a panel moderated by Venture Beat at this last weekends South by Southwest Interactive in Texas, stating that the idea of paying $50 for a game was essentially nonsensical and would not be lasting much longer. Yes, Angry Birds has been downloaded over 100 million times according to the studio, but that definitely was quite a statement for a CEO of a still young company to come out with.

What do you think, readers? Most likely anyone reading this blog is a console gamer, seeing as Evil Controllers specifically makes controllers for those consoles, and with new developments by Microsoft, Sony, and the likes, I dont personally see console gaming going anywhere. Black Ops alone has sold approximately 13.7 million units thus far, and I think people want more than just addicting games to play on their phones that leave little option for plot development, astounding artwork, and characters you can really get involved with and care for. For example, Angry Birds and other silly cell phone games may be more addicting, but they dont offer everything every single gamer may want. I know I like RPG games where I can see a storyline and follow characters along their quests and see them evolve and change, and I know Im not the only one that feels that way. Games like that cant afford to sell for less than $50 like mobile games can, and with the amount the offer, they shouldnt be expected to. I certainly think Vesterbacka is a little crazy when he says he sees no future in console gaming, and I definitely at least hope he is wrong for many, many years to come.