German University students unlocks the capability of the Kinect to help the blind.

At the Universität Konstanz in Germany, some graduate students have put together a project in using the Kinect to help the blind. Seen here, the students are using a helmet-mounted Kinect and its visual data to relay audio instructions to a wireless headset. These audio instructions would give the blind user warnings about upcoming obstructions and also general directions. They call this project the NAVI, Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired.

The device also includes feedback vibration motor on a belt, so that it will send out a pulse to the user about any upcoming alerts. The pulse will get stronger if the user gets closer to any objects in the way, like a chair or a wall. If you want to see the device in action, click on the link above and check it out. It's very awesome, and it's good to know that the Kinect is being used beyond what its creators have originally intended it for, and for a great cause.

~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo