Weapon Proficiency, New Weapons, and More Unlocks Revealed for MW3

In the latest developer diary video for Activision'sModern Warfare 3, project leads Mark Rubin and Michael Condrey drill into the game's weapon leveling system and introduce us to some of the new weaponry you will be using on the field. You can view the video video here on Joystiq.

First off is their introduction of the weapon proficiency system, where basically each rifle, gun, rocket launcher, and everything else you use to take down enemy forces will have their own experience bar. With each level you gain for that weapon, you unlock a proficiency perk. For example, your SMG, a preferred choice for fast close-quarter tactics, can have a faster melee proficiency. They also talked about other proficiency perks like reduced kick from the recoil of a certain rifle or faster running for those who like to carry those heavy LMGs.

They then went on to describe the new weaponry we will be seeing in Modern Warfare 3. One of them is the EMP (electromagnetic) grenade. These grenades are used to take down electronic equipment in its detonation area. So if there's a turret planted right in front of your commonly spawned area, toss a grenade and your problem is solved. They alsoannouncedother equipment like the Trophy system. The Trophy System is basically an anti-RPG, anti-grenade system that can help defend a point. So no more noob-tubing or pesky grenades while defending an already captured point.

With all these new developments from Infinity Ward's staff, Modern Warfare 3 is looking really good for it's November release.