Meet Dennis Lennartsson, the Battlefield Guy

Modern Warfare always has one on their game covers and game advertisements, Battlefield 3 has one on theirs, and now nearly every FPS out there has one as well. What I'm referring to is the war-ravaged soldier walking casually towards you while clutching a M-16. While it doesn't come to our head often, we seem to ask the same question. "Is that a real person or is it a piece of artwork? ".

Well according to this article on Kotaku for Battlefield 3, we can confirm it's a person. The soldier on the front of every piece of Battlefield 3 is DICE's motion-capture actor Dennis Lennartsson. For Battlefield 3, Lennartsoon wore around 65 pounds of military equipment and posed for over 500 images. In addition, he did motion capture for the game as well. Luckily most of the time he didn't have to wear the heavy gear, but instead wore motion capture balls all over his person in hisskivvies (which was probably a relief for him).

Lennartsson didn't say how much he received for his cover appearance, but it was enough that he can continue his nonprofit work, teaching sign language in Sweden.